New multi-sensor add-on board for Spresense with Edge Impulse ML support

We're happy to see a new exciting addition to the Spresense hardware ecosystem. The company SensiEdge has just launched a new multisensor add-on board for Spresense that adds a range of interesting features and opens up for innovative use cases.

The add-on board goes by the name 'CommonSense' and features an impressive array of integrated sensor components such as: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, humidity and temperature sensor, pressure sensor, proximity sensor, air quality sensor, light sensor and microphone.

Since a few years back, Spresense is fully compatible with the Edge Impulse AI platform to quickly deploy edge machine learning solutions. The Edge Impulse team has just now as well added support for the 'CommonSense' hardware to be used with Spresense on their tool set. This sets the foundation for a lot of new use cases combining the powerful hardware of Spresense with sensor fusion and AI.

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