Marijn Suijten is our latest Hero Open Source Developer

Herodeveloper 2019 V2Herodeveloper 2019 V2

We are happy to once again announce Marijn Suijten as a Hero Open Source Developer. This time he has been awarded this title thanks to his multiple contributions in various project areas.

The Hero Open Source Developer program was started in 2015 and works towards recognizing developers that have made significant contributions based on Sony’s AOSP for Xperia projects. Once every three months we select a new winner.

Marijn Suijten

Marijn Suijten is a 23 years old developer living in The Hague, the Netherlands. He started with web development at the age of 12 and later moved on to application development and high performance, low level computing. Today he studies Game and Media Technology, a computer science track, at Utrecht University.

Marijn has contributed to Sony’s Open Devices program with multiple contributions in various project areas. He has done a great job and we want to acknowledge this by once again declaring him a Hero Open Source Developer. Congratulations Marijn!

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