Liang Shuang is our latest Hero Open Source Developer

Liang Shuang is our latest Hero Open Source Developer

Congratulations to Liang Shuang, our latest Hero Open Source Developer! We chose Liang because of her contribution maintaining open source builds, great work!

The Hero open source developer program was initiated in 2015. It’s our way of recognizing developers who make significant contributions to Sony’s Open source program. A new Hero developer is named every four months. Awardees receive a brand new Xperia device and a profile here on the site.

Liang Shuang

Liang Shuang is 21 years old and lives in Chongqing, China. She is a student majoring in nuclear fusion, with a great interest in Smart devices. She started compiling ROMs when she got her first Xperia smart device.

– I tried to learn from commits and wikis. My aim is providing better user experience of Open devices ROMs, then improving my programming skills in this process, Liang says.

We wish Liang all the best in her efforts, with the Open Devices program and beyond.

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