Join the Spresense developer contest and win PlayStation 5

Spresense Developer Contest 2022 V2Spresense Developer Contest 2022 V2

Today we’re launching the Spresense developer challenge 2022 together with where developers from around the world get the chance to win great prizes from Sony such as PlayStation 5.

We call upon innovative and skilled developers to use the Spresense microcontroller board to create a solution that solves a real problem or improves a process by allowing it to go faster, or cheaper, be more environmentally friendly, be more secure or in any other way make it work better.

You’re free to develop your solution for virtually any type of industry or use case as long as it solves a relevant problem. Segments could be from (but not limited to) industrial or professional sectors such as industrial automation/predictive maintenance, agriculture, logistics and transport, wildlife/environmental protection, image processing, machine learning, edge computing, robotics, real-time sensor analysis, hi-res audio solutions, or tracking solutions.

To join the contest, head over to and sign up!