Felix Elsner selected as a Hero Open Source Developer

A shout out to our latest Hero Developer, Felix Elsner! He has earned this award thanks to his commits to our Open Device projects on SonyXperiaDev GitHub.

The Hero Open Source Developer program was initiated in 2015 and works towards recognizing developers that have made significant contributions based on Sony’s AOSP for Xperia projects. Once every three months we select a new winner.

Felix Elsner

Felix is a 23 years old developer living in Karlsruhe, Germany. He started programming in his high school years where he wrote some games in Greenfot/Java. Later he developed interest in server administration and web applications. Today he is a soldier in the German Bundeswehr. About a year after he bought an Xperia XZ he came across Sony’s Open Devices program. His commits have been an important part to make sure that the Sonyxperiadev sources now have an updated SELinux policy. He has also been interested in Project Treble compability. Thanks to some of his commits, the Xperia XZ could run the Android master branch and help with development for the next Android version.

He has done a great job and we want to acknowledge him by awarding him as a Hero Open Source Developer, congratulations!

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