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We were really looking forward to showing off our newly developed Spresense demos and having vibrant discussions with all visitors coming to our planned trade shows this spring. Since most events have been cancelled, we came up with a “virtual booth” idea in order to show you as much as we can of the showcase we planned to have on display, resulting in this web page comprised of the demo highlights, use case videos, and also publishing the projects online along with source code and instructions to recreate them.

The Spresense board, with its 6-core microcontroller, is ideal for advanced edge computing. Below sections cover the areas of Spresense being deployed for Smart Cities, Smart Meter Reading and Industrial IoT. Most importantly, we encourage your comments, discussions and questions – you find links to the Spresense discussion forum and inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Smart Cities

Making cities smarter with clever technology and connectivity has been a trend for quite a while. The end benefits and purposes may vary but often it’s about improving logistics, monitoring infrastructure, reducing emissions or simplifying the life of the residents. While Spresense is extremely versatile and can be deployed for many use cases within the ‘Smart city’ field, we decided with this video to demonstrate the board’s potential by making a conventional parking lot “intelligent” through real-time image analysis.

The idea behind this ‘Smart parking lot’ is to show how new technology can improve existing infrastructure with little work effort and at low cost, but with great benefits for its users.

You find the source code and instructions for how to develop this solution on Hackster.io.

Smart Meter Reading

Related to how we use state-of-the-art technology to make a city’s infrastructure smart, the same concept is applicable for many cases within industrial facilities. It’s not uncommon that parts of the machinery still in operation date back several decades. With the ‘Smart Meter Reading’ demo, we’re focusing on the plethora of installed mechanical gauges which you typically find in factories, energy plants and even in residential housing. Many of these are replaced with Industry 4.0 type connected sensors, but there are cases where safety or cost concerns prevents simple replacement. It’s for these latter cases the ‘Smart Meter Reading’ solution based on Spresense is relevant.

The Spresense board equipped with the Spresense camera board monitors the gauge and digitizes the current reading and makes the data available online in real time.

We just published this project on Hackster.io where you find all the information and source code for how to build it.

Industrial IoT

With its computing power, Spresense fulfils the requirements for many edge computing use cases within the modern industry. One area of industrial IoT is of course monitoring and controlling the day-to-day production flow. Another important area is to monitor the status of each piece of machinery used in the production pipeline. There is a significant amount of cost savings related to knowing exactly when to do maintenance. Doing it too frequently implies costs due to replacement parts, maintenance work and product line downtime. Doing it too late might cause an unwanted operation stop due to damaged equipment. In this video we show a concept where Spresense is used to continuously monitor the condition of a device’ bearings.

Spresense monitors the physical vibration pattern through its microphone inputs and detects any anomalies that signal a need for maintenance or repair.


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