Download ToF AR v1.3.1

ToF AR v1.3.1

ToF AR v1.3.1 toolkit library for Unity is now released with an important localization bugfix.

This update fixes a bug where the image from the depth camera could not be captured correctly, and was not recognized correctly, if the language setting of the smartphone was set to certain language/locale combinations.

Make sure to keep your ToF AR toolkit up to date!

Read about the changes for this release on the ToF AR v1.3.1 download page.

Debug with ToF AR Server v1.3.1

If you already use ToF AR Server to debug your ToF AR apps, remember to use the same version of ToF AR Server and the ToF AR toolkit.

If you don’t use ToF AR Server yet, you can learn about it in our ToF AR video series on YouTube.

Download ToF AR Server v1.3.1 here:

Updated sample apps

We have also updated some of our sample apps for ToF AR v1.3.0. Run the apps on your mobile device, and get the source code on GitHub.

ToF AR Samples Basic v1.3.1

ToF AR Samples AR v1.3.1

ToF AR Lab v1.3.1