Brand new getting started guide for CircuitPython on Spresense

CircuitPython For Spresense Ext SCircuitPython For Spresense Ext S

Early pioneers have for some time now been able to explore and prototype with CircuitPython for the Spresense microcontroller board. Now, we have just released a brand new getting started guide to help developers program Spresense with CircuitPython in a structured way.

Python developers will feel familiar with the way to program Spresense. After the initial set-up for Spresense, there is no need for any extra desktop development environment tools. Use your favorite text editor to start developing. The brand new getting started guide helps set up Spresense for CircuitPython in a matter of minutes in a step-by-step fashion. All CircuitPython libraries have example code to help you kick-start your programming.

We will continue to expand the getting started guide with tutorials for more unique Spresense features and capabilities when using CircuitPython. A good way to get notified about Spresense updates is to follow Sony’s Developer World on Twitter.

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