Camera Remote API beta gets expanded API support, and HDR-AS20 gets added

Today we’ve updated the Camera Remote API beta with new API features for many cameras. The update makes it possible for many Alpha* and Cyber-shot* to control focus mode, F number and shutter speed. The latest Sony Action Cameras on the other hand, will get access to interval still recording and steady mode. In addition, we’re adding support for the newly announced HDR-AS20, as well as the A7S *and RX100 III*, as previously mentioned.

Below is a walkthrough of the highlights in the latest Camera Remote API beta SDK release. For a list of all the API features available for each supported camera, see the Camera Remote API beta SDK page.

New API features for Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras
As a developer, the API expansion for the Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras will let you control an even wider range of functions, compared to before. This makes it possible for you to create even more advanced and innovative use cases in your camera apps.

In the latest version of the Camera Remote API beta SDK, we’ve added the following API features for most Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras that were previously supported:

  • Liveview size
  • Touch AF position
  • Exposure mode**
  • Exposure compensation
  • F number
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO speed rate
  • White balance
  • Program shift
  • Flash mode
  • Movie recording (A7S, RX100 III only)

New API features for Sony Action Camera
For the latest Sony Action Cameras, including the new HDR-AS20 along with HDR-AS30V*** and HDR-AS100V***, the following new features are added in the latest Camera Remote API beta SDK release:

  • Interval still recording
  • Movie quality
  • Steady mode
  • View angle (HDR-AS30V only)

The new Sony HDR-AS20 Action Camera.

New cameras supporting the Camera Remote API beta SDK
The new Action Camera HDR-AS20 is one of the highlights in the latest version of the Camera Remote API beta SDK, and it features SteadyShot™ image stabilization, Full HD 60p/50p recording and improved recording time. Together with its slim design for minimal wind pressure, these features make the HDR-AS20 the perfect POV video recorder.

A7S Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera.

In addition to the HDR-AS20, the A7S interchangeable lens digital camera and RX100 III digital still camera get support for the Camera Remote API beta SDK with today’s SDK update.* Read more about A7S and RX100 III in our recent blog post.

RX100 III Digital Still Camera.

Get started with the Camera Remote API beta SDK
With Sony’s Camera Remote API beta SDK you can control a number of Sony cameras, including Sony Action Cameras, interchangeable lens digital cameras, digital still cameras and lens style cameras, wirelessly from another device. The Camera Remote API beta is a flexible API that builds on commonly-used protocols such as HTTP and JSON. And since it is platform agnostic, you can develop apps for any operating system, such as Android™, iOS™ or Microsoft® Windows®.

Get started with the Camera Remote API beta to learn more and download the SDK. The Camera Remote API beta SDK includes documentation, sample code and API references. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a comment below!

More information

* These cameras will be compatible with the PlayMemories Camera Apps™. The coming version of the “Smart Remote Control” application version 3.00 (available from June 26th) will have to be installed and started on the camera, to enable the use of the APIs.

** Mode setting in still mode is not available to cameras which have a mode dial

*** The latest firmware update is needed. Get the update for HDR-AS30V and HDR-AS100V.