Be one of the first to try the Spresense Camera board

The new Spresense development board from Sony, launched this year, is created to make IoT development easy. It packs a set of integrated features such as GPS, hi-res audio codec and amplifier, along with a 156 MHz microcontroller running 6 Arm cores. Developers can either develop applications using the familiar Arduino IDE or go with the more advanced Spresense SDK. The development board can easily be extended with relevant hardware add-ons necessary for each use case, such as Bluetooth and accelerometer sensors. The Spresense Extension board also makes the main board pin compatible with a range of legacy Arduino shields.

The latest addition to the hardware eco system for Spresense is the Spresense Camera board that connects directly on the main board’s camera interface. The camera board is 24 by 25 mm in size and features a Sony image sensor of 5 Mpixel. For more details, check out the specifications on the Spresense developer web site.

Sony is giving away 25 Spresense camera boards

If you want to be one of the first to develop with the Spresense Camera board, you can register with the Spresense developer contest we’re currently running together with If you register your project idea before Dec 6, you have the chance to get free Spresense hardware. Sony is giving away 100 Spresense main boards and extension boards. And now – due to the high interest – we’re adding another 25 camera boards to the contest. If you’re interested, go to the contest page and register here.

Helpful resources to get started with Spresense development: