Apache NuttX is now announced as a Top-Level Project

NuttX logo on grey backgroundNuttX logo on grey background

The Apache Software Foundation announced, on November 17, the Apache NuttX as a Top-Level Project (TLP). Being recognized as TPL signifies that the project’s community and products were well-governed, in line with ASF’s meritocratic, consensus-driven process and principles. This is also a demonstration that the project proved to have the ability to be properly self-governed.

”Apache NuttX is a 15-year mature real-time operating system (RTOS) being used for small footprint environments from satellites to wearable devices. The technology has thrived at the ASF since joining as an incubating project in 2019 with a growing community of 26 committers who have merged over 8,000 pull requests and shipped nine releases”, said Nathan Hartman, Project Manager and Committer of the NuttX team. Besides powering satellites and fitness trackers, NuttX is also used to power IoT devices, drones or Bluetooth headphones.

The Apache Software Foundation is the world’s largest open-source foundation, which has the mission to provide software for public use with support from more than 70 sponsors. Its open-source projects and community practices are considered nowadays industry standards.


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