An Introduction to ToF AR SDK

A man with a white AR face mask juggling six digital balls.

SDK for Unity developers enabling accurate hand & body recognition

Are you developing a Unity app with Android ARCore or iOS ARKit? Do you want to take your immersive AR app to the next level with real-time, high-precision hand and body tracking? We are excited to present ToF AR SDK offering a number of ready-to-use components providing advanced hand and body recognition features.

Unity developers can already use features provided by ARCore/ARkit to create facial expressions and facial movements. Now they can move the hands and body of their AR characters accurately using precise depth information obtained through an advanced depth-sensing sensor such as ToF (Time-of-Flight) in mobile devices real-time.

ToF AR SDK equips developers with tools they have been waiting for; tools to create virtual characters and avatars with precise hand gestures and natural body movements. Develop next-level immersive AR experiences with Sony’s ToF AR.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading. Ready to try out the free ToF AR SDK? Download it here.

ToF AR SDK Overview

We designed ToF AR for Unity developers to enable them to create immersive AR experiences in their development environment. The SDK is built upon Android ARCore and iOS ARKit extending them with ready-to-use components for precise real-time hand and body recognition obtained from a depth-sensing sensor such as ToF on mobile devices. The design ensures a seamless development allowing developers to use ToF AR in their current Unity project.

ToF AR System Structure Overview

Compatible devices

Today, an increasing number of Android and Apple iOS devices has a depth sensor that provides accurate depth information. Please find a complete list of supported devices here.

Developer support

We are here to support developers. Check out our comprehensive list of readily available support documentation including FAQ and Development Guides.

If you don’t find answers to your questions, please contact us here. Sony’s professional ToF AR Support Team will respond to you. We welcome all types of inquiries including technical questions and business inquiries. We highly appreciate your feedback, too, so please get in touch with us!