Rocro Inc. showcases its software tools for the first time in the US at GitHub Universe

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Developers can look forward to finding out about new tools for their software testing and API documentation from Rocro Inc.


Rocro Inc. is the latest offspring to come from Sony Network Communications. It’s a new company that promises to empower developers and companies by providing them with the right tools to accelerate their software development.

You can integrate Rocro services into your workflow to optimize your GitHub development, and because it’s in a beta stage right now, the tools are free to use!

The tools

Below we list the Rocro tools that will help you with your software testing and API documentation.


This is an automatic code review and code correction service. This allows you to efficiently analyse your code, always knowing its quality, and the powerful automatic correction functionality allows you to merge the corrections as pull requests.


Use this automatic cloud service load testing tool, to perform scalable testing, easily and quickly. You can create testing scenarios with YAML and JavaScript. The service automatically sets up the load test environment, without you having to plan for capacity. The service has been proven to have up to ten times the performance of commonly used tools in the market today.


With Docstand, you can generate and securely host API documentation for your repositories, as-you-go. The documentation is then automatically updated every time you push new commits to your repository, ready for sharing. This tool also supports a wide range of languages. It can automatically detect what language your repository uses and then select an appropriate tool for its analysis.

If you’re a developer in the US who is going to the GitHub Universe event in San Francisco on the 11th and 12 of October, make sure to head over to the Rocro stand.

For anyone else, check out the links below for more information and get signed up!

More information:

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