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How to create a theme

In order to design a new, distinctive theme, you will create a combination of images and colors. Colors are edited using the Theme Creator’s built-in color picker. Images, however, can be edited in multiple ways using an image editor of your choice.

In the following example we’ll show you how to edit the home icon in a few simple steps. Before you begin, we assume you have a theme project that you want to work with open in the Theme Creator tool. If you have not yet done so, follow steps A and B in Get Started to set up Theme Creator and create a project.

How to edit the 'home' icon

1Step 1

In Theme Creator, open “Basic theme” and locate the Home icon in the resource tree on the left side of the screen. You do this by clicking on Navigation Bar > Buttons > Home.

Tutorial CreateTheme Step1Tutorial CreateTheme Step1

2Step 2

Click on the pen at the edge of the resource to bring up the context menu for that resource.

Tutorial CreateTheme Step2Tutorial CreateTheme Step2

3Step 3

Click Copy standard image. Select the image you want to use in your theme and click OK.

Tutorial CreateTheme Step3Tutorial CreateTheme Step3

4Step 4

The first time you do this, you will be prompted to select your preferred image editor. It will then open the KitKat home button image in that editor.

Tutorial CreateTheme Step4Tutorial CreateTheme Step4

5Step 5

Make your edits using your image editor and save the image.

Note - you need to save your image as a png or a jpeg for the Theme Creator tool to apply it.

Tutorial CreateTheme Step5Tutorial CreateTheme Step5

Congratulations, you have now customized the home button in your theme.

Customizing on different platforms - You can repeat the steps, starting from Step 3, to edit the Lollipop or Marshmallow image as well. Customizing multiple platforms with different images lets you make themes that look appropriate for their target platform. The design of Lollipop and later are often quite different from KitKat, and in most cases you will probably want your theme to reflect that. However, if only a KitKat version of a resource is set, Theme Creator will automatically try to convert it to work for other platforms as well.

After you have created your theme, if you want to learn about alternate ways to edit images, or about interactive previews, please see the appropriate sub-sections.