SmartEyeglass HeroSmartEyeglass Hero

透過式メガネ型端末 SmartEyeglass SED-E1

目の前の風景に情報が重ねて表示されるAR(拡張現実)の世界を体験しましょう。SmartEyeglass SED-E1*は、視線を大きく 変えることなくハンズフリーでさまざまな情報を取得できる 透過式メガネ型端末です。


ARグラス用ディプレイモジュール SED-100A はこちら



When you’ve finished testing your SmartEyeglass app extension and are ready to give it some visibility, you can publish it on Google Play™ in order to make it available to Android users.

To make sure your app shows up when users search for SmartEyeglass apps, include the correct search term in the description.

Publish your app

Use the Google Play Developer Console to publish your SmartEyeglass application.

Google Play developer console.

Make your app discoverable

SmartConnect uses information from the host device to filter which apps are shown as available in Google Play.  Only apps that support the device are shown in the search results.

Searching for apps on the host device.

You want to make sure that your app shows up when end users search for apps that are compatible with the SmartEyeglass device. To ensure that your app appears in the predefined Google Play search, the description must include the search term “LiveWare™ extension for SmartEyeglass”.

Include the search term in the description in the Google Play Developer Console.

When you publish your app to Google Play, you must enter a Short description and a Full description. In the full description, include the search term by itself on the last line:

LiveWare™ extension for SmartEyeglass