SmartEyeglass HeroSmartEyeglass Hero

透過式メガネ型端末 SmartEyeglass SED-E1

目の前の風景に情報が重ねて表示されるAR(拡張現実)の世界を体験しましょう。SmartEyeglass SED-E1*は、視線を大きく 変えることなくハンズフリーでさまざまな情報を取得できる 透過式メガネ型端末です。


ARグラス用ディプレイモジュール SED-100A はこちら


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It’s easy to get developer support from Sony! For development related questions, Sony uses the strength of StackOverflow forum and community to provide support for developers who are using Sony APIs. A team of Sony engineers scout Stack Overflow daily for new questions, and we take pride in helping third party developers as much as we can.

When you post a question to Stack Overflow, be sure to tag it as being related to SmartEyeglass programming, to make sure a Sony engineer finds it and responds. To do this:

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For product related questions, you should visit our SmartEyeglass forum. You can post your question in one of the following categories:

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To learn more, check out the full section about Sony’s developer support.