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AOSP build instructions

Below you find step-by-step guides to how to build AOSP for unlocked Xperia devices. You will also get instructions for how to prepare your environment and download all necessary tools. Since we add new devices and software patches all the time, these instructions will be updated on a regular basis. Make sure to check in here to get the latest version of the right build instructions for your Android version.

These guides assumes you run Ubuntu (we used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), but it should work in a similar way on any Linux-based system. To use these instructions, you should be familiar with Android development. The instructions will guide you through each step from how to prepare your environment and install all necessary tools to downloading and configuring the code, before you can finally build AOSP images and flash them on your device.

User guide imageUser guide image
How to build AOSP Android 13
How to build AOSP Android 12
How to build AOSP Android 11
How to build AOSP Android 10
How to build AOSP Pie
How to build AOSP KitKat