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Create augmented reality apps with the free SmartEyeglass SDK. Access the camera, GPS and sensors. Superimpose information and graphics in front of the user's eyes. Assist users in a wide range of use cases.

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It's easy to get started. Install the SmartEyeglass SDK, and then check out the code examples, tutorials, guides and API references. SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 is available to purchase. Learn more and buy SmartEyeglass SED-E1 now!

A binocular see-through eyewear with a wired controller that connects to your smartphone

SmartEyeglass is a transparent lens eyewear that superimposes information onto the wearer’s natural field of view. It's perfect for notifications and information layers on top of the visual world we experience.

Applications can access the sensor data from the accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, brightness sensor and microphone, and take pictures and videos from the built-in camera. SmartEyeglass connects to a compatible smartphone, where the apps are running. Get all the specs for the SmartEyeglass prototype.



Develop augmented reality apps with the SmartEyeglass SDK

The SmartEyeglass SDK comes with sample code and an emulator. Tutorials, design guidelines, in-depth developer guides, API references, test- and publishing guidelines, and support information are also available on this website.

The emulator uses the display, touchscreen and camera of your Android phone to mimic the behavior of an actual SmartEyeglass device. Learn more about the SmartEyeglass SDK and the APIs.

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Install the SmartEyeglass SDK, set up your development, and then you are ready to design and develop your app. You could either base it on a tutorial, or learn from the in-depth developer guides.

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