Develop Android Wear apps for SmartWatch 3


Start developing for SmartWatch 3
SmartWatch 3 apps can display notifications, handle voice actions, access innovative sensor technology, and much more.

SmartWatch 3 has a 1.6”, 320×320 transflective display allowing visibility in bright sunlight. In addition to voice, touch and gesture input, the device also includes innovative sensor technology – gyro technology senses direction through rotation, GPS accurately logs location and movement and accelerometer technology can sense if you are walking or running. You can access all of these features from your apps.

Use the Android SDK to develop SmartWatch 3 apps
SmartWatch 3 apps are developed with the Android SDK, so if you’re looking into developing apps for SmartWatch 3 make sure that you have the latest set of Android SDK Tools, Platform-tools, and Build-tools installed. You will also need to add a few extra packages to your build environment, including Android Support Library and the Google Play Services. This will give you access to the necessary APIs, an emulator, and other useful tools. Read more on the Android Wear developer pages to get started.



Create innovative use cases with the built-in GPS
With SmartWatch 3, you can develop apps which use the built-in GPS. This allows for really exciting offline use cases in areas such as sports, exercise, or other outdoor activities where the phone is not available. When SmartWatch 3 later reconnects with the phone, the data is automatically synchronized.

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