Google TV

Google TV is the precursor for the Android TV platform. It is a Smart TV platform which integrates a customized version of Android and the Google Chrome web browser. Google TV was Introduced in 2010 and Sony has released a number of products up until 2014.

Even though no more Google TV devices will be developed by Sony, as we instead will be introducing Android TV-based products, we highly encourage app developers to keep supporting the many Google TV devices that still remain available in the market.


2011-2014 Sony Internet TV, Blu-ray, and Internet Players.

Note: Sony will not release new products on this platform (Android TV will replace it).

NSX-GT1 Internet TV, NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray player, NSZ-GS7 Media player and NSZ-GU1 Smart Stick.

Get started developing apps for Sony Google TV devices

For information about how to get started with app development for Google TV check out the Android Developer website and the Google TV Developer website. Here you can find instructions on how to set up the Android SDK, and Google TV-related developer guides.

Sony Google TV Add-on SDK

If you really want an edge on your competition, you can use the Sony Google TV Add-on SDK. With the Sony Google TV Add-on SDK, you can take advantage of the motion sensor and additional gestures in Sony’s Google TV remote controls. This way, you can create really unique and innovative apps that will stand out.

To use the Sony Google TV Add-on SDK, do the following:

  1. Start the Android SDK Manager and navigate to Tools > Manage Add-on Sites.
  2. Click the tab for User Defined Sites and select New on the displayed dialog.
  3. Enter the following URL in the Add Add-on Site URL dialog: 
    Then click OK.
  4. Click Close and confirm that you are sorting the SDKs listed by API level.
  5. Expand the field that displays the SDKs available under Android 3.1 (API 12), and select the checkbox for the Sony Google TV Add-on SDK, then click Install 1 package.The Sony Google TV Add-on SDK will now install to the following folder on your computer:<android-sdk-root>/add-ons/addon-sony_google_tv_add-on_sdk-sony-xx/

Learn how to use Sony Google TV Add-on SDK

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