Most 2013 and newer televisions, Blu-ray players and home theater systems from Sony have an HTML5-capable browser which enables rich, web-based apps and video services to be available for end users.

Standard media APIs and events are supported. Apps and services are launched from a representative icon in the device user interface which means the end user doesn’t have to launch the service from the browser.

The URLs are also hidden so that HTML5 apps will look like native apps from an end user perspective.


HTML5 compatible devices from Sony.

Get started developing HTML5 apps

The HTML5 development kit for Sony TVs and home entertainment systems is currently only available to selected partners, but if you have a great app idea, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Explain your idea and tell us about your company. We will sign an NDA with selected partners, and then provide more detailed specs about our platform to you. We will also provide integration support to ensure compatibility across all our HTML5 capable products. In addition, limited selected partners may be offered premium placement opportunities.

To get in touch with us, please contact (replace _at_ with @).

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