BRAVIA with Android TV™

Get your apps running on the BIG screen

Most 2015 BRAVIA models are based on the new Android TV™ platform. This opens a great new opportunity for app developers to get your content and Android apps up on the big screen.

Android TV comes with Google Cast™, voice search and a huge collection of apps, games and content from Google Play™.

New experience on TV


Apps for Android TV use the same structure as apps for phones and tablets. This means experienced Android app developers can easily get started creating new TV apps or extend existing apps to also run on a TV.

However, the user interaction model for TV is different from phones and tablets as navigation on TVs is done through a directional button (D-Pad) instead of a touchscreen, and the layout must be designed to be easily understood from 10 feet away.

Games on TV

Porting games from a phone or tablet experience to a big TV screen can be very rewarding but poses a number of considerations that may be new to mobile developers.

Because the large landscape-only screen is a shared display, designers of multi-player games may need to find clever ways of showing secret information, for example in card games, and on a secondary screen, if necessary.

The default control set for Android TV is the D-Pad, but game controllers are also supported. For a list of supported game controllers, refer to the Android TV Accessories page.


Google Cast

Android TV comes with Google Cast which is a technology that lets you cast your favorite media apps including TV, movies, music and more from your phone, tablet or laptop directly to the BIG screen.




BRAVIA’s HTML5 platform, which has been available since 2013, is also available on BRAVIA with Android TV™.

Apps are launched from a representative icon which means users won’t have to launch the service from a browser.

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