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Create themes for Xperia™ devices

* The Theme Creator tool has now been archived. Developer World no longer offers updates and active support for Theme Creator.

How to deploy changes on a connected Xperia device

In order for Theme Creator tool to deploy your updated theme changes directly onto an Xperia device connected to your computer, you must have the Android Debug Bridge tool (adb) installed on your computer.

The adb tool is a part of the Android SDK that enables Theme Creator to communicate with your Xperia device over USB. Follow these instructions to install adb.

How to install the adb tool

1Step 1: Install Java Development Kit

Go ahead and install Java Development Kit (JDK).

2Step 2: Download the Android SDK tools

Download and install the standalone Android SDK Tools package to a location on your computer. The folder where you install the Android SDK Tools is referred to as Android SDK folder in the steps below.

3Step 3: Install the Android SDK

Now you've installed the Android SDK Tools package, which contains the adb tool. You'll need to install the Android SDK using the Android SDK Manager.

Note: You start the Android SDK Manager in different ways on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX computers:

Windows: Double-click the SDK Manager.exe file in your Android SDK folder.

Mac OSX and Linux: Open a terminal window and navigate to the tools folder in your Android SDK folder, then execute android sdk.

4Step 4: Start the Android SDK Manager

When the Android SDK Manager starts, make sure that Android SDK Platform-tools is selected.

Adb Android Sdk ManagerAdb Android Sdk Manager

Example of the Android SDK Platform-tools in the Android SDK Manager.

5Step 5: Install package

Install 1 package and follow the on-screen instructions to accept the licence agreement.

6Step 6: Add the folder with the adb tool

Add the folder that contains the adb tool to your operating-system PATH variable. For example, if your Android SDK folder is C:\android-sdk, and the Platform-tools package (which contains adb) is in a subfolder called platform-tools, you must make sure the PATH variable includes the path C:\android-sdk\platform-tools.