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Create themes for Xperia™ devices

* The Theme Creator tool has now been archived. Developer World no longer offers updates and active support for Theme Creator.

What is Theme Creator and how does it work?

A theme is a fun and popular way to change the look and feel of Xperia™ devices. Theme Creator helps you design distinctive themes for Xperia smartphones and tablets, using your favorite image editor together with the easy-to-use Theme Creator graphical interface. You can create a theme, package it up as an installable APK file, and offer it to users to be installed like any other app.

There are over 500 graphical resources that can be skinned. You can put your style on home screen wallpaper and buttons, as well as colors and assets inside selected pre-installed Sony signature apps like Home, Messaging and more. Theme Creator helps you navigate the graphical assets and choose the images and colors that you can customize for your theme. When you edit the elements of your theme, Theme Creator shows you a quick preview to see how your choices work together, and helps you refine your design.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use resource navigation tree helps organize the large variety of customizable interface elements (resources).
  • A preview area in the tool to see screen views, helping you to visualize the effect of your changes on Xperia screens.
  • Interface elements are editable using any image editor.
  • A live wallpaper editor to create dynamic and unique live wallpapers without any coding.
  • If you are using Adobe® Photoshop®, we provide downloadable templates for use with Theme Creator. The templates combine the full set of customizable resources into screen views, with each resource represented as a Smart Object. When you have modified an element’s appearance in Photoshop, you can export it in order to see the change in Theme Creator.
  • A sophisticated, but easy-to-use 9-patch editor and a color picker, which you can use to further refine your design, and adjust how each element looks in different contexts.
  • With just one click in the Theme Creator tool, you can build, install and apply a theme on a connected Xperia device. This allows you to quickly test and verify the result of your changes on a target device.

Supported devices

Themes that you create with Theme Creator are compatible with Xperia smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or above.

Some features in Theme Creator are unique to certain phones, tablets or software versions. For example, the analog clock and screen unlock pattern on the lockscreen are only customizable on Xperia Z2 series and above, running Android 5.1 and later. Also, Theme Creator previews may not be able to represent all available devices and software versions.

If your theme is installed on a device which doesn’t support all your customized assets, default graphical assets from the software will be shown instead.


This tool is intended for designers with the following background and equipment:

  • 9-patch PNGs: To use Theme Creator, you should be familiar with what stretchable 9-patch PNG images are, and how they work. For more information, see Android 9-patch documentation.
  • How Android handles graphics: You should have a basic understanding of how the Android platform treats graphics when your created theme is installed on devices with different screen sizes and different pixel densities. For more information, see Android screen-support documentation.
  • Image editing: To use Theme Creator, you should have a basic familiarity with image editing in general. You can use the image editor you prefer, but as mentioned if you want to use the included templates, you need to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later. You also need to be familiar with Photoshop layers, and in particular with Photoshop Slices and Smart Objects.