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Create themes for Xperia™ devices

* The Theme Creator tool has now been archived. Developer World no longer offers updates and active support for Theme Creator.

Test and verify

If you intend to create a theme for several different Xperia devices, you should test it on as many as possible of the intended target devices. There are several ways to preview and verify your theme.

Preview your theme in Theme Creator

Theme Creator and the built-in preview functionality gives a good approximation of what your theme would look like on a target device. However, different phones and tablets have different resolutions and screen densities, which means that your theme could actually look quite different on different devices. The preview functionality is useful to get quick feedback on whether your theme looks good, but if you want to tweak things on a pixel level, you’ll have to deploy the theme to a specific device and verify the appearance.

Verify your theme on a connected Xperia device

With Theme Creator, you can build and install your theme directly to a connected Xperia device by clicking on Build Build and install. This is a quick and effective way to see your changes on a real smartphone. Look through the various screens on the connected device to see how closely the actual theme matches the Theme Creator previews.

Note: Before Theme Creator can install a theme on your test device, you must enable debugging over USB. See instructions in Google’s Android documentation.

Export a test APK to install your theme on an Xperia device

You can use the Build > Export APK functionality in Theme Creator to generate a signed package for testing; simply select the export type ‘Test APK’. Note that the APK generated with this type is signed with a test certificate and cannot be published in the Google Play store. You can use this APK to manually install on an Xperia device.