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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_supl_posdata_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Public Attributes

double uncertainty_semi_major
double uncertainty_semi_minor
double orientation_of_major_axis
double uncertainty_altitude
uint32_t tow
float frac_sec
float horizontal_accuracy
uint16_t ref_frame
uint8_t tod_unc
uint8_t num_of_sat

Detailed Description

SUPL positioning data

Member Data Documentation

◆ uncertainty_semi_major

double uncertainty_semi_major

[out] Uncertainty semi-major

◆ uncertainty_semi_minor

double uncertainty_semi_minor

[out] Uncertainty semi-minor

◆ orientation_of_major_axis

double orientation_of_major_axis

[out] Orientation of major axis

◆ uncertainty_altitude

double uncertainty_altitude

[out] Uncertainty Altitude

◆ tow

uint32_t tow

[out] Time of week [sec]
acquisition TOW : 0-604799
no acquisition TOW : 0xffffffff

◆ frac_sec

float frac_sec

[out] Under second part[sec]
no acquisition TOW : -1

◆ horizontal_accuracy

float horizontal_accuracy

[out] Horizontal accuracy [m]
disable : -1

◆ ref_frame

uint16_t ref_frame

Currently version not supported

◆ tod_unc

uint8_t tod_unc

[out] Acquisition : 1
no acquisition : 0

◆ num_of_sat

uint8_t num_of_sat

[out] Tracking Sv number

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