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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_rtk_sv_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Public Attributes

double pseudorange
double carrierphase
uint32_t gnss
int8_t svid
int8_t fdmch
int8_t polarity
int16_t cn
int8_t lastpreamble
int8_t lli
int8_t ch
float c2p
uint8_t phase_stat
float timetracked
double sv_time
float doppler

Detailed Description

Carrier phase and related data for RTK

Member Data Documentation

◆ pseudorange

double pseudorange

[out] [m] pseudo range

◆ carrierphase

double carrierphase

[out] [wave number] carrier phase

◆ gnss

uint32_t gnss

[out] GNSS type (CXD56_GNSS_GNSS_XXX, see above)

◆ svid

int8_t svid

[out] Satellite id

◆ fdmch

int8_t fdmch

[out] Frequency slot for GLONASS (-7 ... 6)

◆ polarity

int8_t polarity

[out] Carrier polarity (0: not inverted, 1: inverted)

◆ cn

int16_t cn

[out] [0.01dBHz] CN

◆ lastpreamble

int8_t lastpreamble

[out] Parity of last preamble (0: ok, 1: ng)

◆ lli

int8_t lli

[out] Lock loss indicator (0: no lock loss, 1: lock loss)

◆ ch

int8_t ch

[out] TRK channel number

◆ c2p

float c2p

[out] C2P (0 ... 1.0)

◆ phase_stat

uint8_t phase_stat

[out] carrier phase status, bit field; bit0: unknown, bit1: valid, bit2: reset, bit3: cycle slip (Loss of Lock Indicator)

◆ timetracked

float timetracked

[out] Tracked time[sec]

◆ sv_time

double sv_time

[out] received transmit time of the SV[sec]

◆ doppler

float doppler

[out] [Hz] Doppler shift

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