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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_rtk_info_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Collaboration diagram for cxd56_rtk_info_s:

Public Attributes

uint64_t timestamp
uint64_t timesnow
struct cxd56_gnss_wntow_s wntow
struct cxd56_gnss_date_s date
struct cxd56_gnss_time_s time
struct cxd56_gnss_timetag_s tag
double clockdrift
int8_t cdvalidity
uint8_t ppsstatus
int8_t svcount

Detailed Description

Time and frequency information for RTK

Member Data Documentation

◆ timestamp

uint64_t timestamp

[out] system timestamp

◆ timesnow

uint64_t timesnow

[out] system now times

◆ wntow

struct cxd56_gnss_wntow_s wntow

[out] GPS time

◆ date

struct cxd56_gnss_date_s date

[out] Date (UTC time)

◆ time

struct cxd56_gnss_time_s time

[out] Time (UTC time)

◆ tag

[out] TimeTag

◆ clockdrift

double clockdrift

[out] [Hz] clock drift @1.5GHz (valid only if cdvalidity is 1 )

◆ cdvalidity

int8_t cdvalidity

[out] clock drift validity (0: invalid, 1: valid)

◆ ppsstatus

uint8_t ppsstatus

[out] 1PPS synchronization status (CXD56_GNSS_PPS_XXX, see above)

◆ svcount

int8_t svcount

[out] Num of sv

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