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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_rtk_gpsephemeris_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Collaboration diagram for cxd56_rtk_gpsephemeris_s:

Public Attributes

uint64_t timesnow
uint8_t ppsstatus
uint16_t t_oc
double af0
double af1
double af2
double crs
double delta_n
double m0
double cuc
double e
double cus
double sqrt_a
double cic
double omega0
double cis
double i0
double crc
double omega
double omega_dot
double i_dot
double accuracy
double tgd
struct cxd56_gnss_wntow_s tocwntow
struct cxd56_gnss_date_s tocdate
struct cxd56_gnss_time_s toctime
int32_t toe
int32_t tow
int16_t id
uint8_t iode
int8_t codes_on_l2
int16_t weeknumber
int8_t l2p
uint8_t health
int16_t iodc
int8_t fitinterval

Detailed Description

Ephemeris data (GPS)

Member Data Documentation

◆ timesnow

uint64_t timesnow

[out] system now times

◆ ppsstatus

uint8_t ppsstatus

[out] 1PPS synchronization status

◆ t_oc

uint16_t t_oc

[out] SV Clock Correction

◆ af0

double af0

[out] SV Clock Correction

◆ af1

double af1

[out] SV Clock Correction

◆ af2

double af2

[out] SV Clock Correction

◆ crs

double crs

[out] Amplitude correction term of orbital radius(sin)

◆ delta_n

double delta_n

[out] Average motion difference [rad]

◆ m0

double m0

[out] Average near point separation at t_oe [rad]

◆ cuc

double cuc

[out] Latitude amplitude correction term(cos)

◆ e

double e

[out] Eccentricity of orbit

◆ cus

double cus

[out] Latitude amplitude correction term(sin)

◆ sqrt_a

double sqrt_a

[out] Square root of the orbital length radius

◆ cic

double cic

[out] Amplitude correction term of orbital inclination angle(cos)

◆ omega0

double omega0

[out] Rise of ascension at Weekly Epoch [rad]

◆ cis

double cis

[out] Amplitude correction term of orbital inclination angle(sin)

◆ i0

double i0

[out] Orbital inclination angle at t_oe

◆ crc

double crc

[out] Amplitude correction term of orbital radius(cos)

◆ omega

double omega

[out] Perigee argument [rad]

◆ omega_dot

double omega_dot

[out] Ascension of ascending node correction [rad]

◆ i_dot

double i_dot

[out] Orbital inclination angle correction [rad]

◆ accuracy

double accuracy

[out] nominal URA (User Range Accuracy) [m]

◆ tgd

double tgd

[out] Estimated Group Delay Differential

◆ tocwntow

struct cxd56_gnss_wntow_s tocwntow

tocwntow, tocdate, toctime are valid if ppsstatus >= 1(adjusted) [out] toc

◆ tocdate

struct cxd56_gnss_date_s tocdate

[out] toc Date

◆ toctime

struct cxd56_gnss_time_s toctime

[out] toc Time

◆ toe

int32_t toe

[out] Reference time [s]

◆ tow

int32_t tow

[out] Time of Week (truncated)

◆ id

int16_t id

[out] Satellite id

◆ iode

uint8_t iode

[out] Issue of Data (Ephemeris) Subframe 2

◆ codes_on_l2

int8_t codes_on_l2

[out] Code(s) on L2 Channel

◆ weeknumber

int16_t weeknumber

[out] Full week number

◆ l2p

int8_t l2p

[out] Data Flag for L2 P-Code

◆ health

uint8_t health

[out] SV Health (6bit for ephemeris / 8bit for almanac)

◆ iodc

int16_t iodc

[out] Issue of Data, Clock (IODC)

◆ fitinterval

int8_t fitinterval

[out] Fit interval flag

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