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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
cxd56_gnss_spectrum_s Struct Reference

#include <gnss_type.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t status
uint8_t samplingstep
uint8_t sizemode
uint8_t datacount
uint8_t datanum
uint8_t ifgain
uint16_t dataindex
uint16_t spectrum [CXD56_GNSS_SPECTRUM_MAXNUM]

Detailed Description

Spectrum Data

Member Data Documentation

◆ status

uint8_t status

FFT Sampling Point 0-1

◆ samplingstep

uint8_t samplingstep

FFT Sampling Step 1-16

◆ sizemode

uint8_t sizemode

FFT Sampling Num 0:1024 1:512 2:256

◆ datacount

uint8_t datacount

Spectrum data count

◆ datanum

uint8_t datanum

Spectrum data Size

◆ ifgain

uint8_t ifgain

IfGain 0-15

◆ dataindex

uint16_t dataindex

Spectrum data Inex

◆ spectrum

uint16_t spectrum[CXD56_GNSS_SPECTRUM_MAXNUM]

Spectrum Data Buffer

◆ peak

Peak Spectrum

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