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Spresense SDK Library v1.4.2-3df2e9d
cxd56_gnss_sbasdata_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint64_t timesnow
uint32_t gpstow
uint16_t gpswn
uint16_t svid
uint8_t msgid
uint8_t sbasmsg [CXD56_GNSS_SBAS_MESSAGE_DATA_LEN]

Member Data Documentation

◆ timesnow

uint64_t timesnow

system now times

◆ gpstow

uint32_t gpstow

GPS Time of Week

◆ gpswn

uint16_t gpswn

GPS week number

◆ svid

uint16_t svid

satellite id

◆ msgid

uint8_t msgid

sbas message ID

◆ sbasmsg


sbas message data

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