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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
ble_state_s Struct Reference

Bluetooth LE context. More...

#include <bt_common.h>

Collaboration diagram for ble_state_s:

Public Attributes

BT_CONNECT_STATUS ble_connection
uint16_t ble_connect_handle
struct bt_common_state_sbt_common_state
BT_ADDR bt_target_addr
char bt_target_name [BT_NAME_LEN]

Detailed Description

Bluetooth LE context.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ble_connection

BT_CONNECT_STATUS ble_connection

Status of BLE connection BT_CONNECT_STATUS

◆ ble_connect_handle

uint16_t ble_connect_handle

Handle ID for BLE connection

◆ bt_common_state

struct bt_common_state_s* bt_common_state

BT base context bt_common_state_s

◆ bt_target_addr

BT_ADDR bt_target_addr

BT target device address BT_ADDR

◆ bt_target_name

char bt_target_name[BT_NAME_LEN]

BT target device name

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