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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
ble_gattc_db_disc_srv_s Struct Reference

GATTC discovered service data structure. More...

#include <ble_gatt.h>

Collaboration diagram for ble_gattc_db_disc_srv_s:

Public Attributes

uint8_t char_count
struct ble_gattc_handle_range_s srv_handle_range
struct ble_gattc_db_disc_char_s characteristics [BLE_DB_DISCOVERY_MAX_CHAR_PER_SRV]
BLE_UUID srv_uuid

Detailed Description

GATTC discovered service data structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ char_count

uint8_t char_count

Discovered characteristic count in service

◆ srv_handle_range

struct ble_gattc_handle_range_s srv_handle_range

The handle range of this service

◆ characteristics

struct ble_gattc_db_disc_char_s characteristics[BLE_DB_DISCOVERY_MAX_CHAR_PER_SRV]

Discovered characteristics in this service

◆ srv_uuid

BLE_UUID srv_uuid

UUID of discovered service

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