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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
ble_gatt_event_db_discovery_t Struct Reference

GATTC attribute database discovery event structure. More...

#include <ble_gatt.h>

Collaboration diagram for ble_gatt_event_db_discovery_t:

Public Attributes

uint8_t group_id
uint8_t event_id
uint8_t result
uint16_t conn_handle
struct ble_gatt_coverrun_state_s state
union {
   uint32_t   reason
   struct ble_gattc_db_discovery_s   db_discovery

Detailed Description

GATTC attribute database discovery event structure.

When the event coming from the stack to the application, the BLE_Evt structure member evtHeader is set to BLE_GATTC_EVENT_DBDISCOVERY, and the member evtData is point to BLE_EvtGattcDbDiscovery structure.

Member Data Documentation

◆ group_id

uint8_t group_id

Event group ID BT_GROUP_ID

◆ event_id

uint8_t event_id

Event sub ID

◆ result

uint8_t result

GATTC discovery result, GATT Client DB Discovery Result Code

◆ conn_handle

uint16_t conn_handle

Connection handle

◆ state

When the service count of peer device is over the supporter MAX services

◆ reason

uint32_t reason

Indicate db discovery failed reason

◆ db_discovery

struct ble_gattc_db_discovery_s db_discovery

Discovered db information

◆ params

union { ... } params

params union

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