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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
ble_gatt_central_ops_s Struct Reference

Bluetooth LE characteristic callbacks(for Central) More...

#include <ble_gatt.h>

Public Attributes

void(* write )(struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)
void(* read )(struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)
void(* notify )(struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)
void(* database_discovery )(struct ble_gatt_event_db_discovery_t *db_disc)

Detailed Description

Bluetooth LE characteristic callbacks(for Central)

If characteristic get event from target, this callback will call for response(Central).

Member Data Documentation

◆ write

void(* write) (struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)

Write response

◆ read

void(* read) (struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)

Read response

◆ notify

void(* notify) (struct ble_gatt_char_s *ble_gatt_char)

Notify response

◆ database_discovery

void(* database_discovery) (struct ble_gatt_event_db_discovery_t *db_disc)

Database discovery event

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