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Spresense SDK Library v2.2.0-87f81d9
InitMFEParam Struct Reference

#include <audio_effector_api.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t input_fs
 [in] Select MFE sampling frequency More...
uint8_t ref_channel_num
 [in] Select MFE SP numbers More...
uint8_t mic_channel_num
 [in] Select MFE MIC numbers More...
uint8_t enable_echocancel
 [in] Select EchoCancel function, More...
uint8_t include_echocancel
 [in] Select EchoCancel configuration, More...
uint8_t reserved2
 [in] reserved
uint8_t mfe_mode
 [in] Select MFE mode More...
uint32_t config_table
 [in] Configuration table address

Detailed Description

InitMFE Command (#AUDCMD_INITMFE) parameter

Member Data Documentation

◆ input_fs

uint16_t input_fs

[in] Select MFE sampling frequency

Use #AsMfeInputFsId enum type

◆ ref_channel_num

uint8_t ref_channel_num

[in] Select MFE SP numbers

Use #AsMfeRefChNum enum type

◆ mic_channel_num

uint8_t mic_channel_num

[in] Select MFE MIC numbers

Use #AsMfeMicChNum enum type

◆ enable_echocancel

uint8_t enable_echocancel

[in] Select EchoCancel function,

Use AsMfeEnableEchoCancel enum type

◆ include_echocancel

uint8_t include_echocancel

[in] Select EchoCancel configuration,

Use AsMfeIncludeEchoCancel enum type

◆ mfe_mode

uint8_t mfe_mode

[in] Select MFE mode

Use AsMfeModeId enum type

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