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Spresense SDK Library v2.0.1-3834d32
AsInitMicFrontendParam Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

uint8_t channel_number
 [in] Select InitMicFrontend input channels
uint8_t bit_length
 [in] Select InitMicFrontend input bit length
uint16_t samples_per_frame
 [in] Samples per a frame
uint32_t out_fs
 [in] Output Fs More...
uint8_t preproc_type
 [in] Select pre process enable More...
 [in] Set dsp file name and path
uint8_t data_path
 [in] Select Data path from MicFrontend More...
AsDataDest dest
 [in] Data destination, callback or message More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ out_fs

uint32_t out_fs

[in] Output Fs

!! effective only when preproc_type is "AsMicFrontendPreProcSrc" !!

◆ preproc_type

uint8_t preproc_type

[in] Select pre process enable

Use AsMicFrontendPreProcType enum type

◆ data_path

uint8_t data_path

[in] Select Data path from MicFrontend

Use AsMicFrontendDataPath enum type

◆ dest

AsDataDest dest

[in] Data destination, callback or message

Follow "data_path" parameter to select callback or message

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