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Spresense SDK Library v2.1.0-6cb7808
runtime.h File Reference
#include <asmp/types.h>
#include <dnnrt/nnablart/network.h>

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struct  dnn_runtime
struct  dnn_config
struct  dnn_mallinfo


#define EXTERN   extern "C"
#define DNNRT_IMPLEMENT   (0)


typedef struct dnn_runtime dnn_runtime_t
typedef struct dnn_config dnn_config_t
typedef struct dnn_mallinfo dnn_mallinfo_t


int dnn_initialize (dnn_config_t *config)
int dnn_finalize (void)
int dnn_runtime_initialize (dnn_runtime_t *rt, const nn_network_t *network)
int dnn_runtime_finalize (dnn_runtime_t *rt)
int dnn_runtime_forward (dnn_runtime_t *rt, const void *inputs[], unsigned char input_num)
int dnn_runtime_input_num (dnn_runtime_t *rt)
int dnn_runtime_input_size (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char input_index)
int dnn_runtime_input_ndim (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char input_index)
int dnn_runtime_input_shape (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char input_index, unsigned char dim_index)
nn_variable_t * dnn_runtime_input_variable (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char input_index)
int dnn_runtime_output_num (dnn_runtime_t *rt)
int dnn_runtime_output_size (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char output_index)
int dnn_runtime_output_ndim (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char output_index)
int dnn_runtime_output_shape (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char output_index, unsigned char dim_index)
nn_variable_t * dnn_runtime_output_variable (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char output_index)
void * dnn_runtime_output_buffer (dnn_runtime_t *rt, unsigned char output_index)
int dnn_nuttx_mallinfo (dnn_mallinfo_t *info)
int dnn_asmp_mallinfo (unsigned char array_length, dnn_mallinfo_t *info_array)