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Message Queue Class. More...

#include <MsgQueBlock.h>

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struct  Tally

Public Types

typedef uint16_t SpinLockId

Public Member Functions

err_t recv (uint32_t ms, FAR MsgPacket **packet)
err_t pop ()
MsgCpuId getOwner () const
bool isShare () const
uint16_t getNumMsg (MsgPri pri) const
uint16_t getRest (MsgPri pri) const
void reset ()
void dump () const
void dumpQue (MsgPri pri) const

Protected Member Functions

 MsgQueBlock (MsgQueId id, MsgCpuId owner, SpinLockId spinlock)
err_t setup (drm_t n_drm, uint16_t n_size, uint16_t n_num, drm_t h_drm, uint16_t h_size, uint16_t h_num)
uint16_t getElemSize (MsgPri pri) const
bool isOwn () const
template<typename T >
err_t send (MsgPri pri, MsgType type, MsgQueId reply, MsgFlags flags, const T &param)
template<typename T >
err_t sendIsr (MsgPri pri, MsgType type, MsgQueId reply, const T &param)
void notifySend (MsgCpuId cpu, MsgQueId dest)
void notifyRecv ()
MsgPacketpushHeader (MsgPri pri, const MsgPacketHeader &header)
void lock ()
void unlock ()
size_t getSendSize (const MsgNullParam &, bool)
size_t getSendSize (const MsgRangedParam &param, bool)

Static Protected Member Functions

template<typename T >
static size_t getSendSize (const T &param, bool type_check)


class MsgLib

Detailed Description

Message Queue Class.

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