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Spresense SDK Library v1.5.0-b17578a
MsgPacketHeader Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MsgPacketHeader:

Public Member Functions

 MsgPacketHeader (MsgType type, MsgQueId reply, MsgFlags flags, uint16_t size=0)
MsgType getType () const
MsgQueId getReply () const
MsgCpuId getSrcCpu () const
MsgFlags getFlags () const
uint16_t getParamSize () const
void popParamNoDestruct ()

Static Public Attributes

static const MsgFlags MsgFlagNull = 0x00
static const MsgFlags MsgFlagWaitParam = 0x80
static const MsgFlags MsgFlagTypedParam = 0x40

Protected Member Functions

bool isSelfCpu () const
bool isTypedParam () const

Protected Attributes

MsgType m_type
MsgQueId m_reply
MsgCpuId m_src_cpu
MsgFlags m_flags
uint16_t m_param_size

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