Latest updates

If you have any feedback or suggestions for coming versions of the tool, we are happy to listen. Just head over to the Theme Creator forum and post your ideas!

Theme Creator version 1.4.0

The Theme Creator now has full support for Android Nougat including new previews and resources.

New functionality is introduced in the live wallpaper editor. Some highlighted features include:

  • Advanced sprite editor which allows you to create animations with transitions between frames.
  • Import a gif or a sequence of images.
  • Hierarchy of layers in the live wallpaper editor to be able to share effects within groups.
  • Play sounds from the wallpaper,
  • Open a URL from the wallpaper.
  • UI and performance improvements and optimizations.

You can now set a minimum and target sdk version for your themes.

If you run into any issues or need help with creating some specific wallpaper effects, please contact us on our support forum .

Theme Creator version 1.3.3

This is a maintenance release. No functionality has changed, however some bugs have been fixed.

Theme Creator version 1.3.0

This release greatly improves the functionality of the live wallpaper editor. Some highlighted features include:

  • Foreground layer support. You can now make layers of the wallpaper on top of everything else in the device. Why not add a light rain on top of the screen? Or maybe have a rocket that occasionally flies by?
  • Animated image support. You can edit custom image animations in our animation editor.
  • Conditional effe Effects are enabled by default, but you can now specify for example that an effect should only be enabled when the user touches the screen.
  • Multiple effect sources. You can now have your effects be based on multiple different sources including the tilt of the device, the time of day and even the current battery level. You can for example make an image larger or smaller based on if the battery is full or not.
  • Create custom non-linear effects. You can now make objects move, scale and rotate in any pattern you want.

By combining together all these new features you can create a highly customized dynamic wallpaper, still without the need for any programming skills.

If you run into any issues or need help with creating some specific wallpaper effects, please contact us on our support forum.

Theme Creator version 1.2.0

This release brings the capability to create live wallpapers for your themes with a new live wallpaper editor.

  • Overall UI improvements.
  • Additional resources and improved previews for Android Marshmallow.
  • Added a live wallpaper editor, which allows you to create dynamic and unique wallpapers with multiple moving parts that are integrated directly into your themes.

Theme Creator Photoshop Templates updates 1.7


  • Updated Phone templates’ mockups to the Xperia XZ
  • Phone Home/Lock Screen wallpapers have been updated to the latest designs
  • New template for Theme Picker Images
    • New design that matches the latest Theme Picker
    • Resource image dimensions tweaked to work better across different devices
  • New resources in the Android platform
    • Radio Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Scrubber Handles
    • Textfield handles & cursor
  • New resources in Home (Launcher)
    • App Tray searchbox resources
    • Additional App Tray pagination resources
    • App Drawer resources (reintroduced to provide support for some Lollipop devices)


  • Templates that feature Xperia phones are no longer flattened alongside the System UI
  • Home Screen and Lock Screen Wallpapers simplified
  • Tablet Lock Screen Wallpaper is now a square (makes it easier to handle landscape/portrait orientation in your designs)
  • Added guides that help show what is seen on device at all times
  • All wallpapers are now JPEGs (to keep overall theme size down)
  • ON/OFF Switches have been reworked to look identical to stock out-of-the-box
  • Updated various resources to match their latest look on newer devices
  • sw360dp prefixes have been removed from all resources
  • Application Icons template
    • New design that matches the latest version of Home (Launcher)
    • Icon cleanup: icons now match the latest designs
    • Cleanup of “extra” density-specific resources

As with every update, existing bugs have been fixed in this version. If you run into any issues, please contact us on our support forum.

Theme Creator version 1.1.0

This is the first official Theme Creator release, having progressed from the BETA stage. This release brings new previews and resources for Android Marshmallow.

  • Added previews for Android Marshmallow.
  • Additional resources introduced with Android Marshmallow, such as text selection and text color for apps on the homescreen.
  • Added a tile mode editor for app background resources.
  • Added support for managing icon packs in the home screen with Android Marshmallow. This allows scaling of icons, setting a background and changing icons for selected apps.
  • Added customization of sounds including alarm, notification and phone ringtone.
  • Workflows to create distributable APKs have been combined into a single export APK dialog, whether exporting a test, unsigned or signed APK.

As with every update, existing bugs have been fixed in this version.

Theme Creator version 1.0.0 BETA

  • Additional customization of the components checkboxes, radio buttons and toggle switches.
  • Customization of the lockscreen which includes a fully customizable analog clock (only available on Z2 series and above running at least Android 5.1).
  • Android debug bridge (adb) is now pre-built into Theme Creator on Mac OS X. Users of Mac OS X are able to install themes directly on a connected Xperia device from Theme Creator without having to install adb manually.
  • More user friendly interface with extra tool tips and previews.
  • Additional information about each resource.
  • Reorganized resource tree to better reflect different levels of themes.
  • An improved look with clearer icons.
  • Downloadable Adobe Photoshop templates for easier and quicker theme design, created by our team at Sony. These  are now in a single zip file to decrease file size for users who only want the tool without templates.

As with every update, existing bugs have been fixed in this version.

Theme Creator version 0.7.0 BETA

This release brings improved Lollipop compatibility and adds a few more features.

  • You can now export signed theme APKs directly from the Theme Creator program. You no longer need external applications or command-line tools in order to prepare your theme for distribution on Google Play.
  • Android debug bridge (adb) integration – adb is now pre-built into Theme Creator on Windows. Windows users can now install themes directly on a connected Xperia device from Theme Creator without having to install adb manually.
  • This version provides more previews for KitKat and Lollipop. Most of them are of components – buttons, switches, and text fields. So now it’s much quicker and easier to verify that your wallpapers, navigation bars and status bars fit together with the rest of the UI..
  • The optional Adobe Photoshop template files (with which you can use to create graphics for your theme) have been updated with Lollipop support.
  • In Theme Creator, there are many resources available to use when building your theme. The customizable resources in Theme Creator have been put into different groups that make it easier to discern which resources to use, depending on how detailed your theme is. “Basic resources” are most commonly used if you’re building a simple theme. The other groups, “Intermediate” and “All “, are resources used for creating a highly-detailed theme.

As with every update, existing bugs have been fixed in this version.

Theme Creator version 0.0.3 BETA

For this release of Theme Creator, the main new feature is that it is now possible to create themes compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). However, just like with the previous versions, you should keep in mind that we’re still providing an early BETA version of the tool, and there are limitations. The main changes in Theme Creator 0.0.3 BETA are:

  • Initial Lollipop support has been added. However, note that the support is still on a basic level, and there is a limited set of previews available in the tool.
  • Automatic theme compatibility which makes it easier to create themes for several Android versions at once.
  • Bug fixes, for example Theme Creator should no longer fail to start on computers with the system locale set to Turkish.
Automatic theme compatibility

The new version of the tool will attempt to make your theme compatible with Lollipop automatically. While you can customize resources for both KitKat and Lollipop, you might not want to. Perhaps you want all buttons to look the same on all platforms. The tool will help you accomplish this. Simply customize the resources you want for KitKat and most of them will appear on Lollipop as well. Not all resources can be converted automatically, and some of them can be converted but they are used slightly differently on Lollipop. But as far as possible, things are converted automatically by the Theme Creator tool.

This means that if you have already created (and perhaps even distributed) a theme using the Theme Creator BETA 0.0.2, you can open up that theme in the new version of the tool and just build an APK. The newly built APK will now apply on Lollipop as well, without any extra effort needed from you.

Theme Creator version 0.0.2 BETA

There are tons of new features and improvements in this version of the tool. However, keep in mind that it is still an early BETA version of the tool, and there are limitations.

Here are some notable changes in Theme Creator 0.0.2 BETA:

  • Adobe Photoshop (and Photoshop templates) is no longer a requirement for creating themes.
  • You can generate screenshots directly from the tool.
  • You can now set the version label on your theme. Use Edit > Project Properties… and set Theme version.
  • The color picker now has a slider for alpha values.
  • You can now see the transparency of a color in the resource tree (before colors were always displayed as opaque).
  • There are more device previews than in the previous version.
  • Resources are now continuously verified so you are instantly notified when something is wrong, instead of just being notified when you are trying to build.
  • The tool is much better at telling you what is wrong. For example; It is easy to accidentally introduce invalid nine-patch data, and the tool will now tell you when that happens.
  • The Image editor preferences dialog now detects and suggests Microsoft Paint to Windows users.
  • There are three new colors to customize: “Light”, “Dark” and “Dark (secondary)” text colors.
  • The theme icon can now be customized just like any other image, and it can even be set to a color.
  • You can now customize what images are displayed in the theme picker once a user has downloaded your theme. Especially proud of your lock screen? Place it first!
  • A lot of bug fixes.