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Develop customized AR solutions

Sony’s augmented reality SmartEyeglass* is developed for increasing business productivity and reducing errors. Transform the way you work by enhancing reality with information and graphics.

*Discontinued model.

Companies interested in serial production of AR solutions, see SED-100A.

Software updates

Check out the sections below to see the different software versions available, how to check your current version, and how to update your software. By keeping your SmartEyeglass software updated, solves most common problems and gets you the latest available functionalities.

Available software versions

To find out about the latest available software versions, check out the SmartEyeglass product forum.

How to check your current software version

You can check the software version currently running on your SmartEyeglass device by doing the following:

  1. When having your SmartEyeglass device turned on, make sure you see the home screen.
  2. Swipe the touch sensor and tap Settings.
  3. Swipe the touch sensor and tap Device Details. You will now see the software version.

Note: You can also check the current software version by starting the SmartConnect app on your smartphone, and then clicking SmartEyeglass > Settings > About.

How to update the SmartEyeglass software

When a new system software version has been released for the SmartEyeglass device, a message will be displayed when you connect to a smartphone. To update, just follow the on-screen instructions. However, before starting the update, please make sure the battery level of your SmartEyeglass device is over 50%.

While updating your software version, the Bluetooth indicator and WLAN indicator on the SmartEyeglass controller will blink. Do not turn off the power during the software updates, and please note that it may take more than ten minutes to complete the software update. Once the update is ready, please confirm the software version installed on you SmartEyeglass device.

For details, please see the SmartEyeglass help guides.

Note: The SmartEyeglass application on your smartphone can be updated manually or automatically, just like any other Android application.