SmartEyeglass HeroSmartEyeglass Hero

Develop customized AR solutions

Sony’s augmented reality SmartEyeglass* is developed for increasing business productivity and reducing errors. Transform the way you work by enhancing reality with information and graphics.

*Discontinued model.

Companies interested in serial production of AR solutions, see SED-100A.

Solutions using SmartEyeglass

Augmented reality smart glasses are being used in many different ways by companies looking for solutions to support their business. Sony's SmartEyeglass has been used by various companies in different industries to create solutions for their business using augmented reality. Two key benefits of using smart glasses are increased productivity and reduced error rates. Below are a few examples of how SmartEyeglass could support your business.

Upskill SolutionUpskill Solution


Using augmented reality in your business operations can increase productivity by always having relevant information and instructions in the field of view. This reduces idle time and error rates and allows personnel to operate hands-free. Upskill specializes in software solutions for smart glasses. Read about the inspirational SmartEyeglass demo by Upskill.

Verbavoice SolutionVerbavoice Solution


VerbaVoice has developed a solution for live audio transcriptions and translations using SmartEyeglass. The service converts speech into text that is superimposed on the displays of the SmartEyeglass, which could be used by hearing impaired audiences or for international communication. Read about the VerbaVoice communication services.

Opera Touch SolutionOpera Touch Solution

Opera Touch SL

Opera Touch SL brings SmartEyeglass to the opera. The main use case is for language translations and musical notation of the opera in the wearer’s field of view instead of looking above the stage for translations. You can also send live Bravos! (Tweets) using one click. Read about the launch of Opera Touch SL using SmartEyeglass at the opera.

Rochester SolutionRochester Solution

Rochester Optical

Through Rochester Optical, prescription lenses for SmartEyeglass are available as easy-to-mount inserts. The prescription lenses allow anyone who usually wears prescription glasses to get the benefits of augmented reality using SmartEyeglass. Get more details about Rochester Optical lens inserts for SmartEyeglass.