SmartEyeglass HeroSmartEyeglass Hero

Develop customized AR solutions

Sony’s augmented reality SmartEyeglass* is developed for increasing business productivity and reducing errors. Transform the way you work by enhancing reality with information and graphics.

*Discontinued model.

Companies interested in serial production of AR solutions, see SED-100A.

Unique hologram optics in lightweight eyewear

SmartEyeglass includes unique holographic waveguide technology, which enables super thin augmented reality lenses with high transparency and excellent brightness.

SmartEyeglass Front 353×200SmartEyeglass Front 353×200
Superimpose text and images

SmartEyeglass is lightweight, binocular eyewear that enables true augmented reality experiences. Text, symbols and images are superimposed onto your natural field of view.

SmartEyeglass Display 400×200SmartEyeglass Display 400×200
High transparency display

Binocular display with 1,000 cd/m2brightness for high readability. 3 mm thin lenses with 85% transmittance for great transparency. Depth of overlaid information can be dynamically adjusted.

SmartEyeglass LightweightSmartEyeglass Lightweight
Lightweight & comfortable

At only 77g (without the controller), SmartEyeglass is well-balanced and comfortable to wear.

SmartEyeglass Controller 400×200SmartEyeglass Controller 400×200
Separate controller

Includes battery, speaker, microphone and touch sensor for navigation.

SmartEyeglass CameraSmartEyeglass Camera
Camera and sensors

Camera with 3 MP CMOS image sensor. Accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, and brightness sensor are also included.

Connectivity 353×200Connectivity 353×200

SmartEyeglass communicates with a smartphone over Bluetooth and WLAN (WLAN is automatically used in the camera mode). SmartEyeglass apps run as normal Android apps on the smartphone.

Featuring unique hologram optics technology

Hologram E WebHologram E Web

SmartEyeglass is equipped with a thin, lightweight display module designed specifically for transparent lens glasses. The module is made up of two parts: the optical engine, which projects images and text using micro display (µDisplay) technology, and a holographic waveguide, an extremely thin transparent plate of glass measuring just 1mm.

The waveguide is a unique Sony technology that takes the light created in the optical engine and projects a virtual image through the holographic optical elements to the eyes of the wearer. Together with the protective plating, this technology enables more than 85% outside light transmittance, with lenses that are only 3mm thin in total.

A new world of hands-free use cases

Developers can combine the SmartEyeglass sensors and camera with the powerful features of the smartphone to create unique hands-free use cases. Whether you’re watching a live game, concert, touring a new city or carrying out a job, SmartEyeglass helps you stay focussed and involved, whilst supporting and empowering you with extra data, help and information.

06 UseCase Navi06 UseCase Navi
Directions in front of your eyes

Not sure where you are going? Let SmartEyeglass show you the way with navigation instructions and real time information about the places you see.

APX UseCase Engine 04 01APX UseCase Engine 04 01
Hands-free assembly instructions

Deskless workers can carry out assembly work using both hands according to step by step instructions displayed on SmartEyeglass (concept by Upskill).

04 UseCase Sports04 UseCase Sports
Sport stats in real time

Get all the player, league and team stats while you enjoy the game.

Please note that these are possible use cases, which will require dedicated applications and services.