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Develop customized AR solutions

Sony’s augmented reality SmartEyeglass* is developed for increasing business productivity and reducing errors. Transform the way you work by enhancing reality with information and graphics.

*Discontinued model.

Companies interested in serial production of AR solutions, see SED-100A.


Mirror the SmartEyeglass display on a device

The SmartEyeglass Monitor application allows you to mirror what the user of the glasses is seeing on the glass display onto a hardware device such as a phone or a tablet. The phone or tablet can then be connected to a larger TV for example to be used for demo purposes.

Install the SmartEyeglass Monitor

The host Android device must be running Android 4.4 or newer.

  1. Locate the Android package SmartEyeglassMonitor.apk in the /apk folder of the SmartEyeglass SDK, and install it on the Android device.
  2. To launch the SmartEyeglass Monitor, tap the icon for SmartEyeglass Monitor in the apps tray.

Using the SmartEyeglass Monitor

It is recommended that you launch the SmartEyeglass Monitor before connecting your glasses to the phone over Bluetooth.

  1. Launch the SmartEyeglass Monitor on your phone or tablet.
  2. Power on the glasses and pair them via Bluetooth.
  3. Once the glasses are connected, you should see the SmartEyeglass display being mirrored in the SmartEyeglass Monitor.

SmartEyeglass Monitor Options

On the main screen of the SmartEyeglass Monitor you will see four buttons in the lower left hand corner. From left to right, these buttons are: Back, Camera, PTT (Push to talk), and Display. The first three correspond to the same physical buttons as on the glasses. The last button, Display, toggles the glasses Display between on and off.

There are also two menu options which can be accessed by pressed the menu button in the upper right hand corner.

  1. Camera See Through – When checked, this toggles usage of the phone camera on and off.
  2. Large Screen Mode – When checked the edges of the view item are displayed more smoothly. This is useful when outputting to a large screen TV for example.

Known Issues and Limitations

  1. If the SmartEyeglass Monitor app is not run before connecting the glasses, the display from the glasses may not show up in the Monitor app. To fix this, simply hold the Back button on the glasses to return to the Home screen and then run any app on the glasses. The display should now show up on the Monitor app.
  2. The user should avoid fast swiping on the touch sensor in the SmartEyeglass Monitor app since the swipes may not be captured properly.
  3. When running the SampleARExtension the display orientation on the phone may not match that of the glasses.
  4. When starting the Camera Widget, the message “Connecting the device and smartphone via Wireless LAN” is closed immediately.
  5. When a call is received on the phone, the display on the SmartEyeglass Monitor will change to the telephone function display. The telephone screen of the SmartEyeglass cannot be shown on the SmartEyeglass Monitor.
  6. When using the SmartEyeglass Monitor, the Monitor will use the phone camera rather than the glasses camera to simulate the background display of the SmartEyeglass. The monitor does not give you a feed from the glasses camera.