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Smart Tennis Sensor SDK*

The Smart Tennis Sensor plugs into the end of a tennis racket and records data about all the shots you make throughout a game or practice. With the SDK*, you can develop apps for analyzing and presenting that data in real-time.

*The Smart Tennis Sensor SDK has been very successful but is now discontinued. The information on this page has been archived for reference only.

Improve sports performance

With a weight of approximately 8 grams (0.29 oz), the Smart Tennis Sensor plugs into the end of the racket handle. On the inside it holds built-in motion and vibration sensors that record a range of data for every shot made. Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, data on swing speed, swing type, ball speed, ball spin, and impact location is fed in for every stroke. Find out more about features, list of compatible rackets and where to buy on the Smart Tennis Sensor product page.


Ways to interact with Smart Tennis Sensor

The Smart Tennis Sensor SDK has been very popular but is now discontinued. However it is also possible to extract tennis data using the Smart Tennis Sensor app (available on Google Play and App Store). The app has a live video mode that records a video of the player and stores the shot data as metadata in the video file. Instructions and sample code for how to extract the video metadata is available on GitHub. Another way of accessing the tennis data is to export it as a CSV file from the app. Read this white paper on how to export and interpret the CSV file.