Boost your app with lifestyle data

Sony’s Lifelog API gives you secure access to your users’ lifestyle, fitness and health data, collected through sensors in their smartphone and connected SmartWear devices. Use it to create innovative new use cases in your app or service.

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Sony’s Lifelog API will be closed down at the end of May 2017. From that point, no further usage will be possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

You can keep up with our other API releases and updates here.

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The Lifelog API is a REST-based web-service API in which you use endpoints like User profile, Activities and Locations to get secure access to Lifelog data for a user. You can provide your users with insight and inspire smarter choices based on their physical activities, app usage and location history. The user has full control of the data, and must approve to share it with your app. Get the details by clicking on the icons below.