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Add clarity to Augmented Reality solutions

The SED-100A is a near-eye holographic waveguide display for integration in customized AR solutions. It combines a minimal footprint with a clear view of the user's environment, making it ideal for industrial AR equipment.

The production of the component stops in 2021 since it has reached end-of-life.

SED-100A Raspberry Connection KitSED-100A Raspberry Connection Kit

Start developing with SED-100A

The product has reached end-of-life, and we are no longer accepting bulk orders, and are no longer selling samples or development kits. The information below is for existing customers of the product.

SED-100A Raspberry connection kit

If you have purchased the SED-100A Raspberry connection kit from our vendor, please refer to the following resources to start development:

  1. Download the SED-100A firmware from GitHub.
  2. Alternatively, download the source code to build a customized Raspbian image.
  3. After successfully starting up the SED-100A Raspberry connection kit with the firmware, refer to the SED-100A Raspberry Connection Kit Developer Guide (PDF download, 482 KB).
  4. If you want a starting 3D-print design for a frame holding the display, download the zip-file (16 MB) containing the STL/STEP files as well as the assembly instructions (PDF). Note: An SLA printer is recommended for this design as-is.

Developing without connection kit

Any supporting hardware design needs to incorporate the CXA3856GG chip to drive the LCD in the optical module. Data sheets for the CXA chip as well as the SED-100A module can be found under Specifications.