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Add clarity to Augmented Reality solutions

The SED-100A is a near-eye holographic waveguide display for integration in customized AR solutions. It combines a minimal footprint with a clear view of the user's environment, making it ideal for industrial AR equipment. SED-100A is available for serial production as well as minor batch orders.


H: 27.8 x W: 93.5 x D: 27.2 mm
Waveguide thickness
1.0 mm (*3,14 mm incl protective plating)
Approximately 13 g
419 (H) × 138 (V) pixel
Field of view
Diagonal 20° (Horizontal 19° x Vertical 6°)
Image color
8 bit monochrome green scale
Brightness (max)
2,000 nit
See-through transmittance
More than 85%
Eye-box size
9 mm (H) x 6 mm (V)
Virtual image distance
8 m