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Add clarity to Augmented Reality solutions

The SED-100A is a near-eye holographic waveguide display for integration in customized AR solutions. It combines a minimal footprint with a clear view of the user's environment, making it ideal for industrial AR equipment.

The production of the component stops in 2021 since it has reached end-of-life.

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SED-100A holographic waveguide display for professional solutions

SED-100A is designed for instant integration in customized hardware. The unit holds a microdisplay optical engine, which projects graphics through a waveguide in the user’s field of view. The result is sharp, monochrome visuals and readable text for precision AR solutions.

  • Slim profile: 1 mm (3,14 mm incl protective plating)
  • Brightness: up to 2,000 nit
  • Transmittance: > 85%

The waveguide is ultra-thin for maximum clarity and transparency, and reinforced to meet quality and safety requirements for professional use.

Key features

Slim & lightweight

Minimal footprint for wearable equipment

Bright & clear graphics

Add precision to professional applications

Potential use cases

Order picking and assembly

Keeping hands free while viewing order lists, schematics and other instructions.

Remote guidance

Enabling live audio and visual support in field engineering tasks.

Industrial IoT

Updating shop floor staff with contextual and role-based information.

Closed captions

In-view subtitles for viewers at theatres, museums and other venues.

SED100A POV WiderSED100A POV Wider